cpluffdef.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Common defines shared by C-Pluff C and C++ APIs.

This file is automatically included by the top level C and C++ API header files. There should be no need to include it explicitly.

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#define CP_VERSION
 The C-Pluff release version string.
 The major version number component of the release version.
 The minor version number component of the release version.
#define CP_EXPORT
 Declares a symbol to be exported for inter-module usage.
#define CP_IMPORT
 Declares a symbol to be imported from another module.
#define CP_HIDDEN
 Declares a symbol hidden from other modules.
#define CP_GCC_PURE
 Declares a function as pure function having no side effects.
#define CP_GCC_NONNULL(...)
 Specifies that some pointer arguments to a function should have non-NULL values.

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