cpluff.h File Reference

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C-Pluff C API header file.

The elements declared here constitute the C-Pluff C API. To use the API include this file and link the main program and plug-in runtime libraries with the C-Pluff C library. In addition to local declarations, this file also includes cpluffdef.h header file for defines common to C and C++ API.

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Data Structures

struct  cp_plugin_info_t
 Plug-in information structure captures information about a plug-in. More...
struct  cp_plugin_import_t
 Information about plug-in import. More...
struct  cp_ext_point_t
 Extension point structure captures information about an extension point. More...
struct  cp_extension_t
 Extension structure captures information about an extension. More...
struct  cp_cfg_element_t
 A configuration element contains configuration information for an extension. More...
struct  cp_plugin_runtime_t
 Container for plug-in runtime information. More...


#define CP_C_API
 Marks a symbol declaration to be part of the C-Pluff C API.
 This flag enables upgrades of installed plug-ins by unloading the old version and installing the new version.
 This flag causes all plug-ins to be stopped before any plug-ins are to be upgraded.
 This flag causes all plug-ins to be stopped before any plugins are to be installed (also if new version is to be installed as part of an upgrade).
 Setting this flag causes the currently active plug-ins to be restarted after all changes to the plug-ins have been made (if they were stopped).


typedef cp_context_t cp_context_t
 A plug-in context represents the co-operation environment of a set of plug-ins from the perspective of a particular participating plug-in or the perspective of the main program.
typedef cp_plugin_info_t cp_plugin_info_t
 A type for cp_plugin_info_t structure.
typedef cp_plugin_import_t cp_plugin_import_t
 A type for cp_plugin_import_t structure.
typedef cp_ext_point_t cp_ext_point_t
 A type for cp_ext_point_t structure.
typedef cp_extension_t cp_extension_t
 A type for cp_extension_t structure.
typedef cp_cfg_element_t cp_cfg_element_t
 A type for cp_cfg_element_t structure.
typedef cp_plugin_runtime_t cp_plugin_runtime_t
 A type for cp_plugin_runtime_t structure.
typedef enum cp_status_t cp_status_t
 A type for cp_status_t enumeration.
typedef enum cp_plugin_state_t cp_plugin_state_t
 A type for cp_plugin_state_t enumeration.
typedef enum cp_log_severity_t cp_log_severity_t
 A type for cp_log_severity_t enumeration.
typedef void(*) cp_plugin_listener_func_t (const char *plugin_id, cp_plugin_state_t old_state, cp_plugin_state_t new_state, void *user_data)
 A listener function called synchronously after a plugin state change.
typedef void(*) cp_logger_func_t (cp_log_severity_t severity, const char *msg, const char *apid, void *user_data)
 A logger function called to log selected plug-in framework messages.
typedef void(*) cp_fatal_error_func_t (const char *msg)
 A fatal error handler for handling unrecoverable errors.
typedef int(*) cp_run_func_t (void *plugin_data)
 A run function registered by a plug-in to perform work.


enum  cp_status_t {
 An enumeration of status codes returned by API functions. More...
enum  cp_plugin_state_t {
 An enumeration of possible plug-in states. More...
enum  cp_log_severity_t { CP_LOG_DEBUG, CP_LOG_INFO, CP_LOG_WARNING, CP_LOG_ERROR }
 An enumeration of possible message severities for framework logging. More...


const char * cp_get_version (void)
 Returns the release version string of the linked in C-Pluff implementation.
const char * cp_get_host_type (void)
 Returns the canonical host type associated with the linked in C-Pluff implementation.
void cp_set_fatal_error_handler (cp_fatal_error_func_t error_handler)
 Sets the fatal error handler called on non-recoverable errors.
cp_status_t cp_init (void)
 Initializes the plug-in framework.
void cp_destroy (void)
 Destroys the plug-in framework and releases the resources used by it.
cp_context_tcp_create_context (cp_status_t *status)
 Creates a new plug-in context which can be used as a container for plug-ins.
void cp_destroy_context (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Destroys the specified plug-in context and releases the associated resources.
cp_status_t cp_register_pcollection (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *dir)
 Registers a plug-in collection with a plug-in context.
void cp_unregister_pcollection (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *dir)
 Unregisters a previously registered plug-in collection from a plug-in context.
void cp_unregister_pcollections (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Unregisters all plug-in collections from a plug-in context.
cp_status_t cp_register_logger (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_logger_func_t logger, void *user_data, cp_log_severity_t min_severity)
 Registers a logger with a plug-in context or updates the settings of a registered logger.
void cp_unregister_logger (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_logger_func_t logger)
 Removes a logger registration.
void cp_log (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_log_severity_t severity, const char *msg)
 Emits a new log message.
int cp_is_logged (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_log_severity_t severity)
 Returns whether a message of the specified severity would get logged.
cp_plugin_info_tcp_load_plugin_descriptor (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *path, cp_status_t *status)
 Loads a plug-in descriptor from the specified plug-in installation path and returns information about the plug-in.
cp_status_t cp_install_plugin (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_plugin_info_t *pi)
 Installs the plug-in described by the specified plug-in information structure to the specified plug-in context.
cp_status_t cp_scan_plugins (cp_context_t *ctx, int flags)
 Scans for plug-ins in the registered plug-in directories, installing new plug-ins and upgrading installed plug-ins.
cp_status_t cp_start_plugin (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id)
 Starts a plug-in.
cp_status_t cp_stop_plugin (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id)
 Stops a plug-in.
void cp_stop_plugins (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Stops all active plug-ins.
cp_status_t cp_uninstall_plugin (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id)
 Uninstalls the specified plug-in.
void cp_uninstall_plugins (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Uninstalls all plug-ins.
cp_plugin_info_tcp_get_plugin_info (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id, cp_status_t *status)
 Returns static information about the specified plug-in.
cp_plugin_info_t ** cp_get_plugins_info (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_status_t *status, int *num)
 Returns static information about the installed plug-ins.
cp_ext_point_t ** cp_get_ext_points_info (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_status_t *status, int *num)
 Returns static information about the currently installed extension points.
cp_extension_t ** cp_get_extensions_info (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *extpt_id, cp_status_t *status, int *num)
 Returns static information about the currently installed extension points.
void cp_release_info (cp_context_t *ctx, void *info)
 Releases a previously obtained reference counted information object.
cp_plugin_state_t cp_get_plugin_state (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id)
 Returns the current state of the specified plug-in.
cp_status_t cp_register_plistener (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_plugin_listener_func_t listener, void *user_data)
 Registers a plug-in listener with a plug-in context.
void cp_unregister_plistener (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_plugin_listener_func_t listener)
 Removes a plug-in listener from a plug-in context.
cp_cfg_element_tcp_lookup_cfg_element (cp_cfg_element_t *base, const char *path)
 Traverses a configuration element tree and returns the specified element.
char * cp_lookup_cfg_value (cp_cfg_element_t *base, const char *path)
 Traverses a configuration element tree and returns the value of the specified element or attribute.
cp_status_t cp_run_function (cp_context_t *ctx, cp_run_func_t runfunc)
 Registers a new run function.
void cp_run_plugins (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Runs the started plug-ins as long as there is something to run.
int cp_run_plugins_step (cp_context_t *ctx)
 Runs one registered run function.
void cp_set_context_args (cp_context_t *ctx, char **argv)
 Sets startup arguments for the specified plug-in context.
char ** cp_get_context_args (cp_context_t *ctx, int *argc)
 Returns the startup arguments associated with the specified plug-in context.
cp_status_t cp_define_symbol (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *name, void *ptr)
 Defines a context specific symbol.
void * cp_resolve_symbol (cp_context_t *ctx, const char *id, const char *name, cp_status_t *status)
 Resolves a symbol provided by the specified plug-in.
void cp_release_symbol (cp_context_t *ctx, const void *ptr)
 Releases a previously obtained symbol.

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